Karol Nienartowicz‘s photos of a breakwater in the Baltic Sea in Gdańsklike Auggie Wren’s photos of the same corner in Brooklyn, Cézanne’s Mont Saeinte-Victoire, are a reminder of how the act of repetition is essential to the human condition.

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77 years after

Today, September 1, 2016 will mark 77 years since the outbreak of World War II; 77 years since the world went to war and changed the course of human history.
As Poland and other countries commemorate their mutual scars this month, it’s important to ask about the purpose and use of memory. What sentiments does it feed? What values does it stress? And whose purposes does it serve?

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Cleansed Stained Glass

Not only is the production of these colourful light refractors itself a quasi-alchemical process, but the intimate relation it holds with artistic and sacral heritage is one that we can appreciate in the city.

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FuckUp Nights in Kraków

The word is out and the buzz is strong, but before you start raising your eyebrow (or getting excited), let’s clear things up. A ‘FuckUp Night’ is nothing close to an evening of debauchery or a flesh-fest, although it does stimulate certain senses that connect us with one of our most basic human emotions: the fear of failure.
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Surrendering Surroundings or Surrounded Surrender

Only in retrospective I realised how my eyes unconsciously seek for the same patterns and compositions, the same elements and the same standpoint. Could it be that through those captured instants I am quenching a latent thirst for order and familiarity? Or are these just quotidian urban motives that compel me to stop, observe and capture?

Either a personal sense of aesthetic order (why not beauty?) and an urge to influence my surroundings impose my will upon the subject; or the aesthetic (beauty) of my surroundings subjects me and ultimately wills me to surrender to it.

Prague – Warsaw


Krakow – Venice

Olomouc – Berlin

Wroclaw – Mexico City

All photos by Juan M Sarabia ©

Rhythmic Geometry – Wacław Szpakowski

Rhythmic Geometry – Wacław Szpakowski



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Se puede elegir amar.
Lo que es peor, se puede también elegir no amar.
Se puede amar sin elección.
Y hasta se puede elegir sin amor.
La pregunta aún calcina,
porque a pesar de ser poder
es imposible definirlo.

Elude resumen aunque alberga esencia.
Rechaza límites creando condiciones.
Escapa a la razón asiendo su bandera.
Es acertijo y solución.
Y en su auge nos expulsa, nos desdobla, nos mistifica.

Yo elijo amar.
Lo que es peor, elijo también no amar.
No quiero amar sin elección.
Ni elegir sin amor.
Mi duda es ardor,
y aunque me consume
me define.

Soy una de sus síntesis imperfectas.
Mi condición es ilimitada,
Y aunque persigo la razón rehúso las banderas.
Soy laberinto, soy corazón
y en mi latir lo hospedo, lo empuño y lo divulgo.

Juan M Sarabia
Cracovia, 23 de Septiembre, 2015

fotografía, diseño gráfico, web, ensayo, poesía, ilustración

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