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Surrendering Surroundings or Surrounded Surrender

Only in retrospective I realised how my eyes unconsciously seek for the same patterns and compositions, the same elements and the same standpoint. Could it be that through those captured instants I am quenching a latent thirst for order and familiarity? Or are these just quotidian urban motives that compel me to stop, observe and capture?

Either a personal sense of aesthetic order (why not beauty?) and an urge to influence my surroundings impose my will upon the subject; or the aesthetic (beauty) of my surroundings subjects me and ultimately wills me to surrender to it.

Prague – Warsaw


Krakow – Venice

Olomouc – Berlin

Wroclaw – Mexico City

All photos by Juan M Sarabia ©


Ventana sobre la llegada – E.G.

El hijo de Pilar y Daniel Weinberg fue bautizado en la costanera. Y en el bautismo le enseñaron lo sagrado.
Recibió una caracola:
– Para que aprendas a amar el agua.
Abrieron la jaula de un pájaro preso:
– Para que aprendas a amar el aire.
Le dieron una flor de malvón:
– Para que aprendas a amar la tierra.
Y también le dieron una cajita cerrada:
– No la abras nunca, nunca. Para que aprendas a amar el misterio.



hip sounds

This is what happens
after a few smokey brews,
chocolate and insomnia
on a Saturday night: sadly,
not a booty call, but still

They’ve done it!
They thought they were mad,
but they weren’t shaking that…
as they were recording
the curves of a dancer,
the boom in the bouncing,
the sounds and the answers
to mystical doubts.

This is what happens
in Saturday nights
when lunar collisions
spur mythical rhymes.
This is what happens,
this is what “sounds hip”
without the moon’s light.

JMSG, Krakow, 2015

Those days…




Myself, My Neighbourhood

The MA in Euroculture, Krakow is proud to organise the photo shoot session, “Myself, My Neighbourhood”, a visual project part of the Felicjanek Street Fest on September 8 at 3pm.

A collective happening to assert and foster the feeling of belonging to a place, the Felicjanek Street Fest in Krakow, Seguir leyendo Myself, My Neighbourhood

Felicjanek Street Fest

The Neighbourhood Council of the 1st District and the Citizens Committee to Save Krakow (Rada Dzielnicy I and OKRK) invite you to the second edition of the Felicjanek Street Fest, a social initiative supported by the MA in Euroculture, Krakow, to take place on September 8 starting at 3 pm.
We warmly invite you to celebrate with us and enjoy a street gathering which will feature games for kids organised by Czas Dzieci, exhibitions of artists living in and/or connected in some way to the street, a presentation of historical facts of Felicianek Street by architect Mikołaj Kornecki, a change in the urban aesthetic of the street, a collective photo project entitled Myself, My Neighbourhood, and musical guests to rock up the evening (Don’t Ask Smingus & Teddy Jr).Come and enjoy a pleasant afternoon and evening, get to know your neighbour over a glass of Felicianek wine and bring your kitchen specialties to our neighbourly potlatch.
Main organiser: Magda Buczynska